American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute Mission Statement

AWCI is the focal point for education and information in the horological industry. We serve three fundamental groups:

We educate and inform the public to help them understand the need for our members’ services.

We educate watch and clockmakers in the highest standards of traditional methods, as well as the latest technologies. Our goal is to help improve our members’ skills and business practices, and to assist them in evolving their business model to promote future growth.

We work as a liaison with industry to develop valuable programs and services that benefit watch and clockmakers, retailers and suppliers.

We are an advocate for: Professionalism, ethical principles, health, safety and environmental standards for the horology industry.

TechnoMarine Aquasphere

Swimming between dream and reality, the water bubble always raises deep secrets up to the surface. Free as a simple “air dome” trying to reach the surface following its own way above common laws, the Aquasphere has been designed by Federico Restrepo. Its 28 classic and luxurious pearls, part of the ocean and its secret, are modernly reinterpreted and mixed with water, diamonds and silicone. The mix of materials and luxury codes are overloaded in this symbolic watch; with a unique and patented interchangeable strap system; this new collection is a concentration of TechnoMarine values.

Aquashere - West Coast Watch

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