What is AWCI?

The American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute is the U.S. trade association representing the horology profession. This includes watchmakers, clockmakers and the industries that serve them. The Institute is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of workmanship and professional ethics. We help set the standards for the repair and restoration practices that are taught in North America. Additionally, AWCI supports education for the industry and provides certification services.

How Often Should I Service My Watch?

Although this depends on how the watch has been cared for, it is recommended that you schedule a watch service every 3-5 years. A watch is a precision instrument that must be occasionally serviced to replace specialty oils and to remove dust, moisture and any other contaminants that may have infiltrated the watch case. Over time, old oil and dust may combine to produce an abrasive paste that actually causes wear in precision parts which may result in a broken watch.

Look for the AWCI Logo

Professionals who display the emblem of the AmericanAWCI-logo Watchmakers‑Clockmakers Institute have access to the finest resources for information and specialized training. They are uniquely qualified to provide the best advice and service in areas related to watch and clock repair.

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