Rolex – History

In 1908, a German, Hans Wilsdorf, and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, set up a company called Wilsdorf & Davis in London. The company’s agenda was to create smaller watch movements. Pocket watches were prevalent at the time, and achieving accuracy was difficult on anything smaller.

By 1910, Hans Wilsdorf sent his first movement in a wristwatch to the School of Horology in Switzerland. The watch received the Chronometer Award for best “accuracy” of timekeeping. It was the first time that this award was bestowed upon a wristwatch.

With award in hand, Wilsdorf perfected the watch further with dust and waterproof watch cases and skillfully advertised his watches around the world. Wilsdorf registered the Rolex name in Switzerland in 1915, and its timeless appeal made history.

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