Our Process

Here’s an overview of how we work

  1. Fill out the simple service request form and include it with your watch by mail or in person at West Coast Watch Service Center’s secure location. See See important mailing instructions.
  2. Once your watch is received at our window or through shipping, it’s placed in a scratch-resistant shop pack. Your customer information, watch model, serial number and a full condition report are recorded.
  3. Experienced watchmakers perform a complete diagnosis.
  4. An estimate is entered into our system approximately 2-4 business days after receipt of your watch by our customer service team based on watch repair pricing and parts.
  5. You are contacted and the estimate is reviewed in detail. No service will be done without a customer’s approval of the estimate.
  6. Begin repair, replacement, restoration and hand refinishing. While we carry a large inventory of parts, which allows us to complete work quickly, delays can happen if parts are on back-order.
  7. The watch goes through quality control procedures by the watchmaker and our customer service professionals.
  8. The watch is ready for pick-up or shipped back to the customer. Please note that shipping, handling and insurance fees are applied to the estimate unless your watch is still under warranty.

Behind The Scenes

At West Coast Watch Service Center, we truly take great pride in providing a thorough diagnosis and superior processes that can extend the life of your watch.

Even a seemingly simple battery replacement takes about 27 comprehensive steps like cleaning of the case and bracelet, and measuring voltages and accuracy.

We also routinely complete tests to maintain the integrity of the water-resistance system, and when necessary install seals between the major parts of the case.

Movement maintenance consists of disassembly and cleaning of the movement, correcting any defects and replacing any faulty parts.

Important Mailing Instructions

Download the Service Request Form (pdf) here

Click the link above to automatically start the download, or right-click and choose “save target as” to save the document to your computer.

Packing and mailing your watch in for service:

  1. You may type in the service request form directly, print and include specific information about the problem with your watch. Please fill out the form completely and list all the items you would like to have repaired. If applicable, please enclose your valid warranty card and a sales receipt if possible.
  2. Pack your watch securely using padded wrapping materials in a sturdy box sealed with tape. For security, please do not use the gift box your watch came in, as it may be damaged in shipping or in handling, and original packaging will not be returned.
  3. Ship via UPS, FedEx, USPS or registered mail. Remember to insure the watch for its full replacement value and note your tracking number.

Send to:
2566 Overland Ave. Suite 680
Los Angeles, CA 90064

NOTE: For the safety of your watch, please use the initials WCWSC on the package. DO NOT put the word “Watch” on the outside of the package.

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