1. Should I pack my timepiece in the original box?

No, Securely package your watch and ship via FedEx, UPS, USPS, or
registered mail and insure your watch for its full value along with a tracking
number. Original/Gift boxes should NOT be used to send watches. Please
read our Packing & Shipping Instructions.

2. Will I receive an estimate prior to my timepiece being repaired?

If your watch is out of warranty, you will receive an estimate indicating all repair costs. You can respond to the estimate by returning the estimate via email, fax or by calling 310-202-1111.

3. How will I pay for the repair services?

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover or personal check.

4. Can I obtain replacement parts for my watch such as straps, bracelets, and links?

Yes. Please use the contact form or by calling our customer service department at 310-202-1111 for more information.

5. What is a movement maintenance / overhaul?

Like any fine crafted mechanism both mechanical and quartz watches require periodic maintenance. Power is transmitted through a wheel train to the hands which indicate the time. To reduce the friction, the pivots of these wheels are turning in “jewels” small synthetic rubies. Special lubrication is applied to the jewels to minimize the friction even further. Over time the lubrication will age and deteriorate causing the watch to run erratically or cease. When this occurs, a complete maintenance is recommended. Manufacturers typically recommend a movement overhaul every five to six years.

6. What steps are taken to replace a battery?

Most of our products are water-resistant. Special care is needed every time a water-resistant watch is opened, even to replace the battery. In order to change the battery, we go through a lengthy process, totaling 27 individual steps performed by an accomplished watchmaker.

Some key steps include:

  • Clean case and bracelet.
  • Measurement of the lower working voltage (the “electrocardiogram” of a quartz watch, so to speak).
  • Timing test on quartz timer.
  • Replacement of gaskets and crown (if needed).
  • Check proper fit of case back and gasket seat.
  • Water resistance test on water-resistant models

7. What is Water Resistance Maintenance?

Water resistance is achieved by installing seals between the major parts of the watch-case. The watch is fitted with a series of gaskets and a specially designed crown, which together, seal the watch and prevent moisture from entering the case.

In order to maintain the integrity of this water-resistant system, periodic maintenance is required. The gaskets and crown are subject to wear and deterioration under conditions of normal use. Therefore, these parts should be inspected and replaced, as needed, each time the watch is opened for service. In addition, water-resistant watches must be tested to ensure that the proper seal has been re-established.

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