Maintaining Watches

There are many misconceptions by the general public about quality watch repair and it is my goal to better educate you on valuable timepiece ownership and industry updates that you, as OUR customer, need to know.


It is my belief that a timepiece can last forever if it is maintained according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. With that said, the first misconception is the topic of having a professional battery service performed.

You may be familiar with the old saying ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”.

In the world of professional watch repair, we continually see the opposite to be true. Preventative care and maintenance are critical to prolonging the accuracy and performance of keeping time. I will use the analogy of a car to clarify this statement.

Car manufacturers recommend an oil change approximately every 5,000 miles to keep the car in good working order. Not having this service regularly can cause expensive and avoidable repairs later on. Most Swiss watch manufacturers recommend a battery service every 2 years regardless if the battery is still running. After your third battery change, a movement overhaul will typically be suggested to maintain the integrity of the movement.

What You Need To Know About A Battery Service

Many of our new customers bring their quartz watch to our service center because the watch stopped or is losing time. Some have had prior bad experiences and damage done to their watch by an unqualified person who was not properly trained in performing a battery service. Some of the problems we see are as follows:

• Broken stems
• Damaged case backs
• Watch not water resistant
• Cracked crystals
• Damaged circuitry
• Broken dial feet
• Broken battery clamps
• Scratches and gauges on the cases

A simple battery change can become a costly repair, so keep in mind; you get what you pay for. In addition, any watch that is still under warranty must have the repair done by an authorized service center or it will void the warranty.

Please note: An authorized retailer is NOT necessarily an authorized service center. This information is provided in the booklet that comes with your watch. For customers who are local to our service center, we encourage them to bring in their timepiece for a free evaluation.

This process takes approximately 20 minutes and an estimate is drawn. A knowledgeable customer service representative will go over the estimate and explain in detail what the recommended service is. All questions and concerns are addressed at this time. If the watch requires a battery service only, then it can be completed while the customer waits. An accomplished timepiece technician performs a detailed process of 27 individual steps. The key steps include:

• Measurement of the lower working voltage.
• Timing test on quartz timer.
• Replacement of gaskets and crown (if needed).
• Checking proper fit of case back and gasket seal.
• Testing on water-resistant models to ensure seal has been reestablished.
• Ultra sonic cleaning of the case and bracelet.

Note: All work performed by West Coast Watch Service Center carries a one-year warranty. Our goal at West Coast Watch is to provide expertise and knowledge to help ensure optimal performance and longevity of your fine Swiss Timepiece.

Our Team of Expert Watchmakers

Our teams of expert watchmakers are Swiss Certified to work on all types of repairs and movements – from simple to complicated. They are equipped with the best materials, tools and equipment to ensure that your watch meets factory specifications. They equally share a passion in the highly skilled art of watch restoration and service and treat each watch as if it were their own. They each have over 30 years experience in the watch making industry.

Terri Cohen, Managing Director

Terri is the managing director and has over 20 years experience in the watch industry. Her early fascination with watches was fueled by her family lineages that share the same enthusiasm and presently have a strong presence in the watch industry. Terri has worked at West Coast Watch for 10 years and is proud of her accomplishments to create a business that provides excellent workmanship and customer care. Prior to joining West Coast Watch, Terri was employed in watch merchandizing for a well known watch company and served many years in watch and jewelry sales for an upscale jewelry store.

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