#1 – Top 10 Living Legend Watches To Own

1. Rolex Submariner
It was 1954 that Rolex originally released the Submariner, and the watch industry hasn’t been the same since. The Submariner was never released as a luxury product, but rather a professional diver’s watch that anyone could enjoy. It attained a cult status for being a damn good sports watch and later in the 1980s when the mechanical watch gained a more luxury status and Rolex began its long path to become the world’s most desirable luxury timepiece brand. The Submariner is their most popular model for good reason. Durable and legible, its slick style remains timeless, and most importantly – suitable for most any man (and many women) regardless of look, style, or age. It goes without saying that the perennially good design of the Rolex Submariner is alive and well today in its newest renditions featuring 40mm wide cases available in steel, two-tone, or 18k white or yellow gold. Pricey with an average price of about $8,500, but sure to be timeless and retain value. rolex.com

Source: Watch A Blog

AWCI History

The history of AWCI began with the early guilds and watchmaker associations that laid the foundation upon which AWCI is based. America’s first watchmakers society was probably the New Yorker Uhrmachers Verein, organized on March 26, 1866, by German immigrant watchmakers located in New York City. In the 1930s it was reorganized as the Horological Society of New York. Next, a group of Chicago watchmakers formed the American Horological Society in June of 1892. On August 13, 1917, the Associated Watchmakers of America was formed. Later, the Horological Institute of America was established on October 20-21, 1921.

In the time when the country was in a devastating economic depression, the United Horological Association of 1960-Merger America was formed in May 1934. This was when the National Recovery Act, with its industry codes on hours and wages, was causing much confusion in the watchmaking industry. Formal discussions of merging UHAA and HIA began in May 1957, culminating with the formation of AWCI in June 1960.