Rolex – Case and Bracelets

The introduction of the Oyster model case in 1926 set the watch apart. By 1927, the Rolex Oyster was on a successful swim of the English Channel on the arm of Mercedes Gleitz; it showed no leakage within its casing. This proved that the Rolex case was superior for waterproofing, and sales and demand for it soared.

Most cases average in thickness at 9.7 mm to 11.7 mm, with the Sea-Dweller having the largest case, with a thickness of 14.6mm.

The classic appearance of an authentic Rolex bracelet has changed little over the years. Rolex currently uses three different standards of bracelets on its Oyster collection watches. An authentic Rolex bracelet has a number stamped on the folding part of the clasp, which identifies the bracelet type and details about it.

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